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3/4" police type training lead
3/4" police type training lead
Sale price: GBP28.50

A 3/4" police type training lead, this is the type of training lead favoured by police security and professional dog trainers, this leather dog lead is made from best english bridle leather with solid brass fittings, the lead is 3/4" wide and approx. 72" - 80" long, this is a best quality bridle leather dog lead, and is available in black, dk brown or med brown leather.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Bo
(posted on Nov 01, 2016)
Really lovely leather lead with quality fittings. As good as some that are double the price. Can't fault it at all and sure to last so much longer than comparable leads, hopefully a life-time if I do my job of looking after it properly. Excellent service from Black Dog Trading with plenty of communication.
Review by  Darren
(posted on May 05, 2016)
Fantastic quality lead and collar!
The quality of the leather and brass is second to none. So much better than anything I've seen in any shop. A very satisfying purchase. Thank you!
Review by  Lynn Glanfield
(posted on Mar 01, 2016)
Well, I ordered a lead on Sunday and it arrived 2 days later. It perfectly fits the bill. Amazing quality, and I have every faith that it will last for years, Can't wait to use it when it stops raining! Thank you Black Dog Trading.
Review by  Janette
(posted on Oct 11, 2015)
Brilliant service, quick delivery and very high quality product. Leather is amazing quality and is softening up beautifully. Thank you
Review by  Luke Sherratt
(posted on Jun 10, 2015)
This is now my third BlackDogTrading leather product and I could not be happier (the first being a dog collar and the second a 42-44" straight lead), which have all been purchased for my DDR working line German Shepherd puppy. This lead and obviously all other leather products from BlackDog are of fantastic quality and the leather smells "pure" and natural. The brass hardware attached to the lead feels very solid and chunky which is great. To price is very reasonable and in the past I have spent hours searching online and in high-street stores for decent collars and leads, all to no avail. There is no doubt that this lead will last a very long time!

This lead (may vary slightly for others) completely outstretched from the very end of the trigger to the other is 80" (6.75ft) long. When the trigger is clipped to form a handle it is 68.5" (5.9ft) long which allows my dog plenty of roaming space to sniff things and to enjoy himself when walking through parks, lakes, etc or when a dog has to be kept on a lead. Walking through towns and keeping to pavements etc where you will need closer control of your dog, the lead can be shortened by passing the trigger through the large ring (to create a handle) and attaching the trigger onto the D-ring near the end of the other trigger to make the lead 43" (3.7ft) long. Another great thing is that when sitting on park benches or whatever, you can clip the lead around the leg or a post and attach it to the other ring; like a temporary tether. I can see this being very useful when eating outside a restaurant or when having a picnic etc.

The colour I chose is dark havanna (dark brown) which suits him really well but I think the australian nut (medium brown) would have been really nice too. As mentioned in my review for the 1" width dog collar, the dark havanna leather colour looks almost black from a distance so bare this in mind. If you search "dark havanna leather" in google images you'll get more of an idea (and do the same for australian nut too) of the colour.

I have some leather cleaner and conditioner at home so the first thing I did was wipe the lead with the conditioner to help protect them from the elements. I shall do this every few months to keep it looking nourished and new.

Many thanks BDT- a very happy customer and I will defiantly be back (again) when my GSD requires a bigger collar when he approaches adulthood.
Review by  john c
(posted on Jun 29, 2014)
I ordered a 5 foot version of the above lead for my dog. The workmanship and the quality of the leather is excellent as is the speed of delivery. Would definitely recommend this company and its products
Review by  David
(posted on Sep 20, 2013)
Absolutely love this lead!
As a security dog handler I need the strongest leads on the market in order to keep my dogs safe and with me and they need to last because they are used 12 hours a day 7days a week, that's in work, during training, or just out for a walk. This lead does exactly that. With 3 brass hoops for me to adjust the length of the lead to what I need it for it can suit anyone.
The leather is high quality and the stitching, well there isn't a single flaw.
Fast delivery and service, I ordered this when I was working nightshift on a Monday, and it arrived to mine in Northern Ireland on the Wed. No other company delivers like that.
Will defiantly be shopping here again for collars and harness'.
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