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Long Handled Quick Release slip Lead
Long Handled Quick Release  slip Lead
Sale price: GBP27.50

Long Handle  Coursing Quick Release Slip Lead


A Long handle  coursing quick release lead, this lead is apprx 42" long and 3/4" wide made from best english bridle leather  3mm - 3,5mm and uses the best  swivel catch and n/p fittings, this is made in two sizes terrier or cocker size up to 15" neck  or in a larger 13" to 20" large enough for labradors etc"  these leads incorperate a trigger hook in the handle "ideal for clipping onto a fence"we can make larger please contact us.

These slip leads are ideal for hare coursing men or shooting men , or those picking up, where a quick release is needed

Available in black,  brown,  tan

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