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Figure of Eight Lead, anti pull lead with swivel
Figure of Eight Lead, anti pull lead with swivel
Sale price: GBP8.50

The figure of eight  anti pull lead nose restraint is made from 10mm braided nylon rope, and helps to control the dog that pulls whilst out walking, this lead is both easy to use and very effective in controlling the dog that pulls, this lead has a rubber stopper fitted for a snug fit and an anti tangle swivel fitted  to help prevent tangled and twisted leads, this lead is approx 60" - 65" long and available in brown,cammo,green,purple,blue,orange,olive and more see drop down list

Read our feedback for this anti pull lead, its a great bit of kit




Customer Reviews

Review by  granjay
(posted on Aug 15, 2017)
I have a very boisterous staffie/boxer who jumps up on walks and chases cats if given the chance. Over the past two years I have tried all sorts of leads, non pull harnesses, ones that steer the dog etc, this is the only lead that actually works and makes the walk a pleasant walk for both me and my dog. My dog does not pull at all and walks beside me. Its just a brilliant product that I would recommend to anyone that has an unruly dog.
Review by  Bren
(posted on Apr 28, 2017)
Excellent piece of Kit. Gives good control of our GSD. No issues with the fit either. Thanks
Review by  Diane Farrell
(posted on Feb 12, 2017)
These are brilliant leads and I have recommended them to other Dobermann owners. i have had to keep coming back to order more as one of my dobies has a tendency to suddenly bite through hers whilst her pal is going over a complex stile. one snip with those crocodilian teeth! would give 5 stars if they came in carbon fibre !!!The swivel is brilliant if you use a waist harness as is the service
Review by  RS
(posted on Dec 02, 2016)
My 3 year old springer has never walked on a lead of any type without pulling. No amount of training has cured him of this. Walks to heal off the lead but never on it! Works the scrub and retrieves to whistle superbly but walking on a lead is hard work - until now! This figure of 8 lead has cured him instantly. Placed it on and set off on our daily rounds with no pulling at all. Didn't have to give any extra commands or training he just walked instantly beside my leg - marvellous!
Review by  Tookie
(posted on Feb 03, 2016)
After an initial refusal to walk when lead in place and rubbing her nose against my leg my 6 month old lab walks beside me with no pulling at all. Absolutely amazing. However she still does run away when she sees it but once on is great. I can't understand her reluctance and hopefully she will be fine in time. The lead is soft so does not hurt her nose and is very comfortable for handler.
Totally recommend.
Review by  Highland Lass
(posted on Oct 18, 2015)
I have had one of these figure of eight leads for sometime and can manage our Staffy/Lab cross no matter what he wants to get up to and he is happy wearing it. We went out without it only having the the flexy extender with us. He took off at speed, resulting in me hitting the ground hard and breaking my elbow. I will never go out without your figure of eight again.
Review by  Joanne Lutner
(posted on Oct 07, 2015)
Fantastic great lead, two long time pullers walked beautifully for over an hour it was amazing
Review by  pen
(posted on Sep 30, 2015)
nice item, really soft and strong yet small enough to carry rolled up in pocket. It doesn't rub and my boy is quite content on lead and stays close without any pulling. Totally recommend. Do note that on large dogs this lead becomes quite short (about 30") once the loop is around neck and head but still perfect for close walking. It is light enough to just attach a flexy extender lead onto the loop when you reach a park etc.
Review by  Bellatrix
(posted on Aug 31, 2015)
This works really well for my young flat coated retriever,no pulling.the rope is soft and fits well and does not ride up onto her eyes.
The piece over the nose is easy to slip down,in fact she can do this herself if I am not paying attention.
All in all a good purchase.
Review by  ELD
(posted on May 14, 2015)
This is a great product. We have 3 terriers who all pull and are more than a pain out walking. Although it took a few goes to get them to accept the lead, they all now walk perfectly. I would recommend this lead to anyone. Thank you also for your great customer service, the leads arrived quickly and are exactly as described.
Review by  john glasgow
(posted on May 12, 2015)
Thankyou Black Dog for this wonderful product & customer service.This leash has made walking my 4 legged friend a pleasure.

Review by  WoolyPuli
(posted on Apr 27, 2015)
This lead is fabulous and prior to ordering one for each my 3 I had a question which the sellers promptly answered, this lead is quick and easy to put on and remove and is the perfect length for both country walks and also around the town, the material is soft and not bulky so you are able to hold multiple leads in one hand and the swivel is fabulous for stopping tangles especially handy when walking multiple dogs as they can quietly spin as they get themselves into line by your side, lovely vibrant colours will appeal to all dog walkers not just the working dog fraternity marks them out as more than merely a practical tool. They also come with a very clear photo with written instructions and once fitted the dogs find them very comfortable and the resident over -anxious worrier of my pack was walking on a loose lead with his tail held high looking calm and relaxed by my side instead of lagging behind looking and feeling thoroughly miserable, this will be the go-to lead for all members of my family from now on
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